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4 oz Spray Bottle with Trigger
Glass misting bottle, blue, trigger sprayer, 4 oz

4 oz Spray Bottle with Trigger

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Misting trigger spray bottle, blue glass
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Mist your homemade bug sprays, room sprays, household cleaners, and floral waters into the air using these eye-catching blue glass bottles with trigger sprayers. Made of durable blue glass, they are ideal for use with essential oils and will keep harmful UV rays from ruining your creations. White trigger top color may vary slightly from photograph.

Perfect for use with our "Outdoor Annoyance Spray for Humans"


Start with an empty 4 oz glass spray bottle:


40 drops Young Living Citronella

20 drops Young Living Lavender

20 drops Young Living Lemongrass

20 drops Young Living Eucalyptus Globulus

 (use Geranium instead of Eucalyptus if there is seizure activity suspected)

See our Cedarcide sprays for the recipe we use for animals!

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