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Established in 1978, Gentry Boxers has produced many beautiful, healthy dogs for conformation showing, performance, therapy, search and rescue, and disaster recovery.  Over decades of trial and error, we discovered ways of raising our dogs with amazing equipment and holistic methodologies that have increased their life spans, and improved health, training and behavior.

In 2010, we began studying energy work and has emerged as a competent animal healer and telepathic Animal Communicator.  We are proficient with Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing (like Reiki, but more advanced), the use of flower essences for emotional balancing, homeopathic methods for vaccination and health support, raw feeding, therapeutic essential oils, and proper supplementation.  

As Natural Rearing Breeders, we advocate species-specific raw diet with appropriate supplementation, homeopathic vaccination protocols, support with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and regular detoxing.
We wish to share our years of experience with our clients and friends, offering the best products we've found to enhance your experience as the trusted guardian of your animal friends.  For dog enthusiasts and breeders alike, these products have been thoroughly tested with our own animals (and people!). 
We thank you for your support and thanks for shopping with us!

Gentry Boxers
The Dog Breeder Store
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