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Arnica Montana
Arnica Montana for bruising and pain

Arnica Montana

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According to a popular homeopathy guide, arnica is one of the fifteen most important remedies in homeopathy.  We would not go anywhere without it, both for our pets and human family.

Known as the “entry drug of homeopathy”, it’s probably the most widely used homeopathic in Western culture due to its effectiveness with pain, bruising and overdoing it.  Arnica is often the first remedy people find in homeopathy, because they are injured and it’s widely known to help heal injuries, especially bruising injuries from blunt trauma.  Once taken, the person or pet feels so much better and heals so quickly that it’s obvious that there’s something miraculous about homeopathics.

We use Arnica during whelping to ease the pain without the potential for side effects.  We also use it when banding tails and removing dewclaws on infant puppies, and especially when our rambunctious dogs slam into a table corner or object and we know that a bruise is coming.  Given quickly, arnica can actually prevent bruising and resolve the pain of such trauma.

How does it work?  Blood vessels are damaged from blows, falls, whelping, wounds, etc., and they leak.  It’s a great remedy for hemorrhage tendency and can even be used for bloodshot eyes after an accident.

Arnica montana comes from an herb with the common name Leopard’s Bane, a member of the aster family.  It’s also known as the “Fall Herb”, a term that came about from its usefulness in injuries caused by falls.

  • Give 2-3 pellets orally, or dissolve 2-3 pellets in roughly a half cup of water, giving a squirt with a syringe for each dose.  Quantities are not critical.  The same dose works for a dog or an elephant.  For tiny puppies or kittens, a drop in the mouth of this mixture is sufficient.
  • Use reverse osmosis, carbon filtered, spring water, or distilled water.  One cc for a smaller dog or cat, up to 3 cc's in the bigger animals.   However, if you get any on the mucous membranes with any amount, dosing is done.  Dosing can be done in the mouth, on the nose or in the vagina.
  • Repetition of dosing.  The more critical, the more often you dose.  Repeat a dose until you see some improvement, wait until things seem to worsen before giving the next dose.
  • Even if the animal spits out the dose, it counts as long as it hit the mucous membrane.  A small dose is fine. 
  • In chronic cases where symptoms do not improve in 2 to 4 weeks, please consult your veterinarian.

    Please Note: Any information given in this website is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Anyone with an animal with a medical condition requiring veterinary attention should consult a qualified DVM practitioner or veterinary emergency care clinic.
    Homeopathic remedies are very dilute, and while the homeopathic remedy may be beneficial, the raw product may be harmful.

    Disclaimer:  Gentry Boxers does not diagnose or treat illnesses or injury in pets and accepts no liability for results that are less than optimal, injury or death relative to use of this product or instructions. Consult a licensed veterinarian if you suspect that your pet is experiencing pain or infection.

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