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HomeoPet Travel Anxiety
HomeoPet Travel Anxiety Relief

HomeoPet Travel Anxiety

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Homeopathic remedy for relief of motion sickness and travel fear
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Homeopathic remedy provides relief for: Motion sickness, fear of travel including cars, boats, trains, and airplanes/flying. Vomiting, drooling, panting, restlessness and unwanted behavior can be helped with this fast acting, non-sedating liquid. 15ml.

Natural, Safe, Gentle.

Ingredients:  Cocculus, Passiflora, Valeriana, Borax, Colchicum Autumnale 6c & 30c in 20 USP alc. in purified water.


1-20 lbs - 5 drops per dose

21-60 lbs - 10 drops per dose

61-100 lbs - 15 drops per dose

Over 100 lbs - 20 drops per dose.

Start dosing one hour before trip.  A full dose may be given every 15 minutes up to 4 doses if needed.  Dosing may be repeated throughout the trip if needed.  If pet is crated, remedy may be dropped around bedding area also.  For pets under 1 lb, 2 drops in water and follow dosing instructions above.

Remedy may be dosed directly into mouth, in water, or on food/treat.

Remedy only needs to be used if pet is exhibiting symptoms of anxiety or motion sickness.

Contact veterinarian if problems persist.

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