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One Day Basic Animal Communication Workshop
Serene classroom environment to faciliate your success

One Day Basic Animal Communication Workshop

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Learn telepathic Animal Communication in a beautiful spiritual environment
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Join us to learn how to communicate telepathically with animals

No experience required, just a desire to learn and an open heart

Workshops held in a beautiful spiritual space in our home in the Houston, Texas area

Limited private rooms with bathrooms available for those coming from a distance

Benefits of Telepathic Communication with Animals

» Help an animal adapt to their new home and family and help current animal family members adjust to a new animal.

» Help rescued animals with issues of abandonment and/or abuse.

» Prepare animals for life changes, such as moving, vacations, new human family members.

» Grief processing for animals who have lost human or animal friends.

» Conflict resolution ~ between people and animals ~ between two or more animals.

» Resolve behavior problems.

» Gather information about illness ~ how they are feeling ~ what they need or want ~ discuss alternative treatments.

» Strengthen your personal relationship ~ discover life purposes ~ establish goals.

» Prepare for death, i.e., transition into spirit.

» Work together on training issues, such as obedience, agility, service, dressage.

» Resolve breeding issues.

» Choose appropriate flower essences to help with emotional issues.

» Increase the effectiveness of energetic/spiritual healing.

» Increase nutritional awareness.


Join with like-minded animal lovers to learn:

*A brief history of Animal Communication

*How telepathy works

*How to reduce the "monkey mind" chatter

*How to see a living aura and sense energy

*Techniques to increase your intuition

Experience telepathic communications with:

*A living animal teacher

*Animals living and in spirit

*Your own pets

More information at http://www.kindredanimalspirits.com/basic-animal-communication-workshop.html

Register early – space is limited.


(713) 283-7558

(Class fee is non-refundable but may be transferred to a later class date if notification is given at least two weeks prior to class.  Reschedules made after that time will have 50% of class fee transferrable to a later class date.)