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Puppy and Kitten Collars Solid Colors
Package of 12 colored collars

Puppy and Kitten Collars Solid Colors

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12 Assorted Colored Puppy/Kitten Collars
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Lightweight velcro collars for puppies. Each pup wears a different color for identification. The collars come in packages of 12.
Lightweight with easily distinguished colors, identify your babies from birth to match with whelping records.  I've tried different kinds of puppy collars and these are THE BEST.  Some collars have exposed velcro and I have literally had puppies get stuck together and drag each other around, or get stuck to the furry blanket.  Some collars have sharp edges that must be trimmed off.  This doesn't happen with these collars.  They are rounded at the ends and sides of collars are super soft to protect delicate skin.

My favorite thing about these collars is that there are matching follow-on tot collars and matching leashes that you can give or sell to clients.  The collar they have always seen on their puppy in pictures or in the nursery match those that go home with them!
Use these also to hang toys from the Early Development Puppy Gym or your X-Pen to keep toys out of the mess.
Sizes available:
Newborn       -   8" X 0.4" (20 cm X 1 cm) Suitable from birth to 4 weeks (small/medium size breeds).  Suitable for toy breeds from birth to 8 weeks.
Medium        -  12" X 0.4" (30 cm X 1 cm) Suitable for medium and smaller size breeds (4-8 weeks).  Suitable for larger breeds from birth to 4 weeks.
Large -          -  14" X 0.4" (35 cm X 1 cm) Suitable for larger breeds (4-8 weeks)
Extra Large   -  16" X 0.4" (40 cm X 1 cm) Suitable for giant and longer haired breeds (4-8 weeks)
The bands need to be long enough to keep a secure attachment as the pups or kittens grow.   A typical boxer, for example, will have a 10" neck at about 8 weeks of age.
If you aren’t sure about your breed size, you should order the larger bands to be sure your puppies don’t outgrow them before 8 weeks. The bands can be trimmed for tiny breeds. 
Helpful Hints for Best Results:

* The Puppy/Kitten Collars should be wrapped straight around so that the velcro attaches to itself properly.

* The bands should be wrapped loosely, so that they can spin around. Wrapping too tight may cause skin irritation.

* The bands should be checked daily for growth adjustments.

* The bands should be kept free of lint, dirt, etc. This will help them to stay securely attached. The bands can be washed with mild soap and water if needed.

* Corners of bands are pre-rounded to prevent any edges from corners rubbing puppies delicate skin.

* Not recommended for hairless breeds

* IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: the bands should be checked often for growth or irritation. Adjust as needed. Puppies and kittens grow very quickly and snugly fit bands can become too small in a matter of hours.

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