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Wellness Coaching Session
Wellness Coaching Session


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Keeping your animal well is something many of us can't put a finger on.  We go to our veterinarian when our animal is ill, or for annual checkups, and these beautiful medical professionals do their best to treat symptoms and make our furbabies feel better.

Often those protocols result in temporary relief without us ever understanding the root cause of illness.  This is the basis of naturopathics, holistic supports, and natural rearing.  I am extremely well educated in many aspects of natural supports and can provide coaching to assist you in getting to the cause of imbalances.

Unfortunately, many modern veterinarians are not educated in canine nutrition with the exception of a class or two on the basics. These classes tend to be focused on which prescription diets are used to support illness.  None of them are taught how harmful kibble diets can be, and we have experienced not only their harm, but also the amazing results of knowing how to implement species specific raw diet and natural supports.

We bring over four decades of experience in raising canines to excel in performance, service and conformation, along with a host of modalities that we use in natural rearing to support excellent quality of life and longevity to our dogs.  

I am honored to offer coaching services to help bring your canine family members into a state of thriving, and not just living. I can also help with many challenges that dog breeders encounter in breeding, pregnancy and whelping, along with neonatal and crisis support.

I am trained in carnivore nutrition. We feed raw diet, but can help you improve nutrition no matter what your budget or situation. I have vast experience supporting my own breeding program of show/performance dogs using natural supports for parasite and disease prevention. We use no chemicals or vaccinations, and can assist you with transitioning from traditional medical support into a gentler, less toxic holistic lifestyle for your pets. I am skilled in the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, flower essences, homeopathic remedies, especially with energy support modalities related to raising puppies and adult dogs. 

I am also a skilled animal communicator. Oftentimes, animal communication can help to uncover past traumas, discomfort that a dog may not be showing, or even assist in negotiating a resolution to an existing conflict in the home.  Sometimes I will recommend that we give your animal the opportunity to reveal information that we cannot obtain using more traditional means.

I am certified as a Basic Multi-Dimensional Healer (MDH), formerly known as Shamballa. MDH is a form of energy healing similar to Reiki in that they both can alleviate medical conditions and enhance one’s health and well being. MDH is available to both pets and humans. Some of the benefits include energizing and calming, acceleration of wound healing, empowerment and enhanced Spiritual connection with the Higher Self, enhanced Spiritual connection with Spirit Guides and Angels, enhancement of multi-sensory abilities, and assistance in finding one's true life path. I am also certified in crystal and color therapy, kinesiology (muscle testing) and am a competent and experienced dowser. 

Consultation sessions are booked during normal working hours by appointment only. Please contact me for appointment availability and to receive an intake form. Intake form must be filled out and returned prior to appointment.

Discounted packages of sessions must be used within one year of purchase.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a licensed medical professional, and do not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness. If you or your animal is experiencing serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, please consult a physician or veterinarian.

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