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The Dog Breeder Store was born of experience across more than four decades as breeders of show, service and performance dogs. We spent the last 15 years focusing on improving vitality and longevity using natural rearing and alternatives to more toxic choices commonly used by breeders. We feed our dogs and puppies prey model diet and use only natural non-toxic products to support our babies. 

This store offers the best combination of modern science and ancient wisdom by bringing you products and services to help you have the best experience with raising vital, healthy puppies and adult dogs.  From stud management to whelping, raising puppies during their first critical weeks and beyond... we are committed to bringing you affordable products to aid in your success as a dog breeder or pet owner.

We are so pleased to offer many of the top products that we use in our own breeding program, and many are exclusive to The Dog Breeder Store.  

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