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Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricating Gel

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All organic lubricating gel for AI and releasing stuck puppies
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Natural Aloe (Unscented)

2.5 oz tube (appx 74 cc)
Breeders have not had many good choices to use for lubricating thermometer insertion, stuck puppies, rectal palpations or artificial inseminations.  Petroleum jelly is a petroleum based product that is not rated as safe for use in animals and especially around tissues that are as absorbent as those they are typically applied to.  KY is also not safe for use with animals as it contains parabens.  We have tried many choices and are wildly happy with this completely safe and effective lubricant in our whelping nurseries and AI protocols.  We love the ingredients - completely clean and natural.  The lubricating ability is hands-down the best of anything we've ever tried!
A pure, premium lubricant made with 95% organic aloe vera, and enriched with a special blend of natural ingredients for a smooth glide, silky feel and safety with animals. Feel the difference of a luxurious lubricant that hydrates, invigorates and refreshes - all naturally, with no harsh chemicals.

- Conditions, nourishes and hydrates

- Rich in essential vitamins and nutrients

- pH balanced to insure harmony with the body

- Edible - safe for bitches and moms to ingest

- Compatible with thermometers and stuck puppy tubing kits

- Completely free from harmful chemicals

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