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Animal Communication Meditations for download
Animal Communication Meditations for download

Animal Communication Meditations for download

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Meditations to help open your ability to connect telepathically with animals
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Animal Communication Meditations for download

These six meditations have been carefully crafted with higher guidance to assist those who wish to learn or are in the process of learning telepathic animal communication.

Attitude, grounding, and calming the mind allow us to receive the subtle energies of telepathic communication that all animals transmit.  Using focus and intention, anyone can open up their psychic and telepathic channels to connect with animals of all species.

These meditations were recorded to support my students who are learning animal communication; however, they are extremely helpful to anyone who is on the path of opening these abilities by reading or learning in other ways.

Studies have shown that people are better able to control random thoughts when listening to guided meditations than when working alone in meditative mantras or chants.  These meditations guide you with beautiful imagery and background music composed to induce a deep theta brainwave state, allowing you to fully relax and let go of your everyday worries while being taken on journeys that will enhance your telepathic skills.

With approximately an hour and 15 minutes of meditations to choose from, you can use these meditations as needed. 


1 - Introduction to Starting Your Day Meditation

2 - Starting Your Day - start your day by grounding and clearing your chakras, bringing in vitality and clearing out negative and lower frequency emotions

3 - Grounding Meditation - ground to Mother Earth and Universal Energy, becoming clear and fully present

4 - Communication with an Animal Teacher - You are guided to an animal teacher that will provide you with answers to questions and help you with your telepathic skills

5 - Becoming The Animal - This meditation uses relaxing imagery to synchronize your energy with the animal and slowly shift into the animal's body, allowing you to see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and know from the animal's viewpoint. 

6 - Protecting and Growing Your Light - Guidance on how to grow your skills even amongst skeptics and self-doubt, protecting your skills, and continue to enhance your telepathic abilities.

Choose audio CD or .mp3 format that will play on computers and some audio players.

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