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Use a professional animal communicator to talk with your companion
Use a professional animal communicator to talk with your companion

Animal Communication, one hour session Gift Certificate

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Give a session with a professional animal communicator
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Gift Certificate Information

Use them as stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or as a special gift for the holiday season.  We will mail you a gift certificate good for one year.  Simple to wrap and a wonder to receive!

Ever wonder what your pet is thinking?

Does your pet have behavior problems?

Do you want to know which foods or toys your pet likes? Which friends?

Would you like to know what happened to your pet after he or she passed on?

Are they already reincarnated or waiting to join you once again?

Are you struggling with the question of life extending health care or humane euthanasia? Would you like a deeper connection with your pet?

Are you involved in competition events and want to help your animal with agility conformation, obedience, tracking, performance and dance?

Engaging a professional telepathic Animal Communicator can open doors to a better relationship with your pet, understanding behavior and health problems, and often begin to open your own telepathic abilities in the process. Animals are not only sentient and sapient beings, but also telepathic energy beings whose lives are intimately enmeshed with the world around them.

In my experience as an Animal Communicator, I have found that many animals have a profound understanding of their own purpose and that of their human guardians. They can be intelligent, benevolent, sassy, goofy hilarious, angry, depressed… all of the emotions that we wonder about are expressed by them in words, impressions and pictures to an Animal Communicator.

Book an appointment now to deepen your bond with your pet, learn what they are thinking. Once you make this connection, life with them will never be the same. For more information, go to http://kindredanimalspirits.com

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Sessions must be prepaid before appointment is confirmed.  Cancellations made within five days prior to appointment incur a 50% cancellation fee.  Cancellations made within 48 hours of appointment are non-refundable. 

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