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Watch Myra's seminar from the comfort of your own home
Watch Myra's seminar from the comfort of your own home

Canine Reproduction, Whelping, and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar DVD

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Reproduction, Whelping and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar
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Myra Savant Harris, R.N. is the author of some of our favorite books on dog breeding.  We always read them over before breeding, during pregnancy, and just prior to whelping - just to catch all the amazing tips and tricks she offers to insure that puppies are born healthy and thriving.  We have saved numerous puppies who were in distress using her methods over the decades in our breeding program, and she has contributed invaluable knowledge to the products that you find available in our store too.

Myra travels all over the country teaching a two day intensive to dog breeders that is jam-packed with all her information.  She covers stud and bitch management, knowing when and how to breed, artificial insemination and natural covers, enhancing milk production, how to tube feed, make many DIY products at home, and deal with emergency situations.

Myra has a wicked sense of humor, always helping us to see the lighter side of disaster so that we can stay calm and collected when the time comes to whelp and raise our puppies.  She's a fantastic story-teller, and relates many situations that hit home with breeders to help us to remember what to do in times of no sleep and when no veterinarian is around.  We dog breeders know that this is what always happens, and she empowers us to take charge and save our puppies at home!

Her seminar has now been professionally recorded and is available on DVD to watch again and again.  We recommend that you take the time to watch her seminar well in advance of breeding, and again as you near the time that puppies are due to be born.

Topics Include
Breeding in Today's Society
The Stud Dog
The Bitch

Nutrition for the Bitch
Understanding Instincts
Vaginal Discharge
Labor - Signs and Symptoms

Natural Whelp and Whelping Pause
Milk Production
Repeat Breeding
Delee – How to Use
Fading Puppies
Formula and Tube Feeding

The Latch
Swimmer Puppies
Puppy Pad
Tube Feeding
Dewclaws, Docking, and Cropping
Canine Herpes

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