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Spray Bottle Cedarcide 16 oz
Spray Bottle Cedarcide 16 oz

Cedarcide for Fleas and Ticks

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Natural safe protection from fleas and ticks
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Cedarcide Original (formerly known as Best Yet) is a safe, all natural, non-toxic insecticide made in the USA. Cedarcide Original is a versatile cedar-based solution that is fast and effective on everything from general insect control to major infestations. Cedarcide Original’s quick-drying, non-staining formula makes it great for personal, pet and home use. It’s safe for people and pets of all ages, and can be applied directly to the skin as a repellent. Cedarcide Original kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites, chiggers, ants, flies, moths and more.

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Kills insects in all stages of life
  • Ready-to-use
  • Fresh cedar aroma
  • Non-staining and skin safe
  • Both lab and real world tested

In our experience, we have found this product to be extremely effective at killing fleas, ticks and other biting insects.  We do not use traditional heartworm preventatives due to the high risk of damage, seizures and even death.  These risks are well documented.  We live in an area where mosquitoes are active nearly year-round and have observed that adding a small amount of Young Living Essential Oils to the bottle deters biters from even landing on our pets.  This recipe works even for our older, immune-compromised or sick pets. 

Outdoor Annoyance Recipe for animals:


Start with a 16 oz bottle of Cedarcide

Add the following essential oils:

40 drops Young Living Citronella

20 drops Young Living Lavender

20 drops Young Living Lemongrass 

20 drops Young Living Eucalyptus Globulus 


We spray this on our boxers once a week during cooler months, 2-7 times a week in warmer months. This bottle lasts our four dogs almost two months, so the total cost is around $4.40/month/dog.  This is much less expensive than heartworm meds.  Our dogs have been heartworm free for many years using this recipe, NingXia Red in food and an all natural raw diet.  The recipe is all natural and we have used this in our neonate nursery, as it is safe for the mother to ingest when she cleans her babies with her tongue.

If you request a Recipe Label in the comments section of your order for Cedarcide, we will send you a label that you can put onto the bottle so you do not need to remember how to make this.  Cover the recipe label with clear tape to keep it clean.


For humans, we use this recipe to prevent biters from landing on us.

Outdoor Annoyance Recipe for people:

Start with a 4 oz glass spray bottle filled to hip with water


40 drops Young Living Citronella

20 drops Young Living Lavender

20 drops Young Living Lemongrass

20 drops Young Living Eucalyptus Globulus

Shake before using. It smells amazing and is totally safe for people and youngsters.  Keep out of eyes.  When mosquitoes are at their worst, you can add more EO's to the recipe to increase the potency of the recipe.

To purchase the essential oils in this recipe:

You can order directly from The Dog Breeder Store.  Or to order directly from Young Living under sponsorship of an individual Independent Young Living Distributor knowledgeable in essential oils, please use this link:  Kindred Oilers

If you choose to open a retail account with Young Living under our sponsorship, you will automatically receive a Welcome Packet with resources to assist you. If you choose to purchase a Premium Starter Kit when setting up your account with Young Living, you will receive wholesale pricing from Young Living.  In addition, you will automatically receive a Welcome Packet with additional resources and books to assist you in getting started.  You will also quality to join certain secret training group(s) on Facebook where moderators provide additional training on the use of Essential Oils and EO-infused supplements for your pets and yourself.

Video on how to use Cedarcide:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAorgOdDIec

We use this product any time we see fleas or ticks on our animals.  It's all natural and safe for family and fur kids. 

Our complete all-natural heartworm prevention protocol at our kennel is as follows:

Spray dogs once a week in cooler weather, more often when biters are out.  Spray thoroughly before going outside in the morning, covering all body areas including ears.  Avoid spraying in eyes or nose.

Add essential oils if needed for extra repelling action.

We also recommend feeding an all natural raw meat diet to improve your dog's immune system.

NOTE:  The Dog Breeder Store does not diagnose or recommend treatments for pets.  If you suspect that your pet has an allergic reaction, please shampoo with a mild shampoo and contact your veterinarian.  The Dog Breeder Store operates under license from Young Living as a Professional Account to resell certain products formulated by Young Living.  The Dog Breeder Store does not personally sponsor membership into Young Living.  Links to sign up with Young Living are provided as a courtesy to clients only for membership under an individual Young Living Independent Distributor.

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