Accidents happen: DIY pet stain and odor remover

We are dedicated to using non-toxic products here.  Lots of the products that are available for stain and odor removal contain toxic chemicals that are warned against by the Environmental Working Group.  Be sure that you are reading labels for parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, triclosans, SLS, synthetic fragrances and even dangerous nano-particles.  Some simply have what I call “mystery ingredients”.  One of my old time favorite cleaners had absolutely no ingredients listed on the bottle.  The bottle stated to go to their website to get ingredients.  When I went there, there were no ingredients there either.  When I called the company, they told me that the ingredients were “proprietary”.  Lack of ingredient disclosure would give a product an “F” rating by Environmental Working Group.  When a company refuses to give up ingredients, why should you trust that they are safe? 

Here’s a great do-it-yourself recipe for a safe, non-toxic and effective stain and odor remover provided by Young Living Essentail Oils, the largest essential oil company in the world. 

Even good boys and girls make mistakes! When your four-legged friend misses the piddle-pad or the litter box, it’s no fun for anyone. Don’t dismay! With this DIY pet stain remover, you and your furry pals will be cuddling odor-free in no time.

Pet Stain and Odor Remover Recipe



If your doggo buddy very recently left a puddle on the living room carpet, use these instructions for removing fresh stains:

1. Add the essential oils to the salt and mix well.
2. In a spray bottle, combine the salt mixture, apple cider vinegar, and water. Mix thoroughly until salt has dissolved.
3. Blot the “accident” to remove excess moisture.
4. Shake the bottle, then spray the stained area generously until wet.
5. Let sit for 10–15 minutes.
6. Using an old towel or rag, soak up the mixture by blotting until moisture is removed. Do not apply heat to aid in the drying process, as it can cause unwanted odors and stains to set permanently.

When you find an older, smellier, set-in stain, use the instructions above to make the DIY pet odor eliminator and then:

1. Spray the area generously until wet.
2. Sprinkle baking soda over the stain and leave for 24 hours or until dry. The baking soda will absorb the stain during this time.
Once dry, scoop up as much baking soda as possible and discard, then vacuum thoroughly to remove any remaining powder.

Credit:  Young Living Blog with a few tweaks of my own!