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Fido's Flora

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Fido's Flora Pre and Probiotics with Humic and Fulvic Acids for Dogs
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The Perfect Match of Both Pre and Probiotics for Dogs

“Friendly” bacteria act like the gut’s defense system against “bad” or dangerous disease-causing bacteria. A gut that has a bountiful amount of this healthy friendly live bacteria enjoys wonderful health benefits.

This unique product contains two uniquely canine species of probiotics/ beneficial gut bacteria. These bacterias were specifically chosen to:

• Strengthen your dog’s immune system

• Help keep your dog’s gastrointestinal tract calm during times of stress

• Produce metabolites that fight against bacteria like E. coli and salmonella

• Improve the availability of nutrients to the diet

• Improve production of neurotransmitters in the brain

• Pass through the stomach acid to work in the small intestine

• Not be affected by antibiotics commonly prescribed to treat intestinal upset

These isolates were combined with our 14 strain probiotic blend and Larch prebiotic used in popular products like Love Bugs.

Unlike any other probiotics on the market,these formulas are derived from unique host strains rather than human strains. This probiotic integrity is based on scientific selection criteria quality and stability. Scientific studies have shown that the microflora of dogs and humans are substantially different, so much so to create the diverse microflora that will benefit dogs, the strains needed to be isolated from the species of that bacteria, the canine. These specialized probiotics guarantee the desired quantity of life bacteria culture and have been tested for adherence on canine cell lines immune modulation and inhibits activity against pathogens.

We have a world-wide problem of nutritional mineral soil depletion.  I learned during my time as a student at American Council of Animal Naturopathy and Carnivore Nutrition that most people are unaware of the absolute king of soil-based organic minerals, Fulvic and Humic Acid. This powerful combination adds vital minerals, and helps feed the cells of the body and aids in the removal of toxic minerals and heavy metals.  This product has eliminated the need to add isolate fulvic/humic acid into our dog's bowls.

We feed Fido's Flora in rotation with fresh frozen green tripe, Love Bugs, and Pet Flora to give our naturally reared dogs the broadest exposure to healthy gut bacteria.  Fido's Flora is especially useful by itself to help keep your dog's gastro intestional tract calm during times of stress!  If stress situations cause diarrhea, reach for Fido's Flora.

1.4 oz (40G) powder

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