Frequency Matters



Every living being has a measurable frequency. Even things that are seemingly inanimate have a measurable frequency. It can be measured in Megahertz (MHz). Energy frequency can also be photographed using Kirilian photography equipment. If one is trained in energy healing (Reiki or Shamballa), you learn how to change and move it. If one is trained in clairvoyance, you learn how to see it. If one is trained in telepathy, you learn to glean information from it. That is because energy contains information. To a telepath like me, I find that energy contains historic information, emotional information , physical information, and to a certain extent a little bit of future information. I am trained in all aspects, except how to do the photography (though I have had my energy photographed).

Energy can be changed, manipulated, and moved. What I know to be true is that energy flows where one’s focus is. If you are an energy healer, you are trained to focus on the part of the patient’s body where the problem is, and direct high frequency energy to that area. If you are clairvoyant or have the right photographic equipment, you can see it move as your focus changes. You can also see the frequency change as you work on the healing. It increases to a higher frequency.

The heart is the largest producer of energy in an EMF field around any living body. The Heart Math Institute in California has been studying this phenomenon for a very long time and has produced a ton of research that validates what I am writing, have experienced, and have seen in my role as a telepath and energy healer. The most important field that we need to work with is not necessarily our brain, but the field around our heart. I always focus on my heart field when I do telepathic work, because it is the most powerful field in my own body. I also protect it from harm. I have been taught to have extremely solid boundaries to prevent my energy from intersecting with others who may have lower frequency. It’s not because I don’t care about others, but because when energy intersects, it modulates and moves to an average between the two frequencies. If mine is much higher, the waves intersect, modulate back to me, and bring my frequency to a lower MHz. I hope that makes sense.

If my body is rested, hydrated, meditated, and well fed with organic food, my frequency is high. If yours is not, and they intersect, that brings my frequency lower. It also probably brings your frequency higher too. But I would prefer to keep boundaries up, focus and direct my healing energy to you and stay out of your energy field until it is well. Think of it like something out of a sci-fi movie where someone blasts a beam out of their hand. That’s what it looks like to me, but it can come from anywhere as long as I focus and intend it to do so. It can also go anywhere I want it to go – even across the planet. This is how I do telepathic sessions with people in S. Africa or Europe just as easily as if they were in the room with me. Energy moves at the speed of light, so distance is not relevant.

One of my favorite books that will explain this much better than I can here is called FREQUENCY by Penney Peirce. You can get it on Amazon or local book stores. It’s well written and easy for the newbie to understand.

When someone is injured, sick, or emotionally depressed, their frequency goes down. I know because it happens to me. It even happens if I forget to drink enough water. This is why I don’t take appointments for telepathic work if I am “under the weather”. I can’t do my best work at a lower frequency.

The reason I’m writing this is because it is important to consider frequency when working with an animal or family member who is injured or not feeling well. Don’t just look at the physical aspect of the patient. The whole point in natural rearing is to consider the whole body. All of the bodies – physical body, emotional body, spiritual and energetic body. This is the definition of holistic healing. Consider the body, mind and spirit, along with the emotional aspect. Sometimes we lump everything except the physical stuff into the category of frequency or energy. This is because the brain emits frequency waves, emotions have measurable frequency, and I guess that’s what people mean when they talk about the spiritual or spirit aspect. It’s all frequency.

If you study quantum physics, you will find that our world’s greatest physicists are discovering that all this is true. Even the telepathic part. Why do you think that the military recruits “Remote Viewers” to help them? They used Remote Viewers (people with telepathic abilities) to find those little tunnels that the Vietnamese were hiding out in during the Vietnam war. They sat in their little cubicles, focused on maps of Vietnam, and energetically “felt” for what they were looking for. Those who are trained in energy sensitivity can do incredible things like this. These skills can be used for healing, and they can be used for things that may be less desirable. Personally, I keep my skill set in the light, where God resides. I would not use my skills to invade someone else’s privacy or make someone sick, and I teach my students the ethics of the skills that they learn.

Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM taught at the Young Living Animal Conference as a keynote on year on the affects of frequencies. She has a triple PhD in biology, chemistry and physics. She is also the founder of the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association. One of the most brilliant women of our time, and considered it much more important to teach about frequency than about products.

I think that everyone should learn about frequency and energy. It’s not reserved for special people, or for those “born with gifts”. I was trained, and we all can be trained to sense, feel, see and glean information from energy. If we do this work at high frequency, with the intention to do good rather than to harm someone, we have the ability to lift one another up in ways that many medical professionals can’t. We do have doctors and veterinarians who are learning about frequency and energy work. I was in a kinesiology class with a couple of human doctors and I applaud them for adding this to their skill set.

Realize that natural supports like whole foods, clean grass fed meat, Young Living essential oils, homeopathics, and organic supplements all have the potential to raise our frequency. They are all measurable, and they help to bring up frequency. You don’t have to be an energy healer or telepath to use them. You just need to know that they have frequency to them and can affect the body’s frequency as well.

These are my two favorite essential oils, primarily because they raise my frequency in a way that is profound.  Young Living Rose oil comes in at a very high frequency of 320 MHz.  Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce is the highest known to date at 580 MHz, and is a member favorite that always seems to be hard to come by because everyone buys it as soon as it comes into harvest.