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Gauze pads sterile

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Gauze pads sterile
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4 x 4 Gauze Sponge 12 Ply is an economy-line product in order to make it more accessible and cost-effective for breeders on a budget. Using 100 percent cotton gauze, each sterile packet comes in pairs to make it easier to control the wound site if needed. More sponges also means better packing ability when you're ready. Each gauze sponge is made with cotton for better absorption. The sponge's sterile packaging is easy to tear open without damaging the contents inside, making the gauze especially easy to access. This allows for the fastest access to the sponges for immediate usage on the wound site.

Each gauze can cover up to 16 square inches of space, plenty enough for a mid-sized wound or opening. Excellent for getting a grip on puppies as well.  The sponge is square in shape and 12-ply as well. These can be used for mid-to-heavy exuding wounds and dermal abrasions and is not recommended for use with light wound coverage or as a regular bandage.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Economical and More Cost-Effective
  • More Accessible to Smaller Breeders
  • Cotton Gauze for Better Wound Packing
  • Packed in a Sterile, Sealed Package
  • Comes in Pairs to Lift More Exudate
  • 12-Ply to Lift More Fluids from the Wound

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: CardinalHealth/FKA Covidien (manufacturer may vary)
  • Brand: Dermacea (brand may vary)
  • Application: Gauze Sponge
  • Color: White
  • Sterile: Yes

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