Supporting extreme immunity in newborns


— By P. Vandervoort

UPDATED June 2024

Sometimes dog breeders need to supplement puppies either because the bitch isn’t available to nurse, doesn’t have milk, has mastitis, or the puppies are losing weight.  Whatever the reason, you want to be certain that the puppies get colostrum from the mom during the first 24 hours if at all possible.  Some breeders will purchase colostrum thinking that it is adequate, but cow or goat colostrum do not contain canid-specific antibodies.  You may need to do a vaginal microbiome transfer if your puppies haven’t been born vaginally.  You'll see a video at the end that shows you how to do this procedure safely.

There are many commercial formulas available for feeding to newborn puppies, and some DIY formulas available in credible books such as Myra Savant-Harris’ excellent 3 Book Set.  I don’t recommend any of the synthetic commercial formulas.  Many of them have ingredients that no natural rearing breeder would want to use (folic acid instead of folate, soybean oil, etc.)

I spent a great deal of time to research the needs of carnivore neonates, especially those intended to be naturally raised.  These babies benefit from extreme immune supports.  I tweaked the recipes to bring them more in line with what occurs in nature, and to add in the science of natural rearing and immune system support.  This became what is now known as IMMUNITY FORMULA.

Now that I've been using it for a number of litters, I am seeing great benefits. This can be used for bitches who are full of puppies and can't eat much. It can be used with sick dogs too. It's got so many excellent ingredients for immunity, calories, and energy. I would add in Seven Shrooms Mushroom Blend for sick dogs, and also once you move to weaning mush.  We call that one Immunity Blend and you can find the videos on how to make emulsified meat, and on how to make it on The Dog Breeder Channel on YouTube.

I started by scoring raw goat milk from a local farmer and freezing it. If you can find goat colostrum, that’s even better.  You can also obtain frozen or powdered goat milk.  The one we use is Puppy-Bac.  Just be sure you know your source, and be sure to read label ingredients.

It’s important to prepare ahead of time.  Start by storing and freezing beef/deer blood, organ juices and green tripe juice in foodsaver jars. I've used these also many times to help critically ill dogs to recover when not eating. I advise raw feeders to do the same. You never know when you or a friend will need them.

If your puppies were delivered by C-Section, they did not receive the dam's microbiome during birth.  In addition to feeding Immunity Formula, you can do a simple at-home microbiome transfer using the following method:

This takes time and preparation, but could be the difference between life and death for newborns in trouble or fading puppies. It also prevents healthy babies from losing weight, the one thing that keeps breeders on edge as babies settle into the world. They always drop from birth weight. I was taught by my mentors to always bottle feed (or tube if needed) to keep them gaining. Just be sure they are also nursing vigorously and getting colostrum within the first 24 hours. Beef or goat colostrum do not contain the antibodies that dogs need since they are a different species.


1/3 cup mixed raw liver juice and beef blood or cooked liver water (boiled liver, strained to water)

1 cup goat colostrum or raw goat milk or Puppy-Bac  (do not use cow milk)

1/4 tsp Bovine Colostrum

1 cup organic unflavored whole fat yogurt

2 organic egg yolks

1 TBSP organic mayonnaise

1 tsp organic maple syrup or Karo (keep in mind may be GMO)

*1 drop Optimally Organic fulvic/humic acid

1 tsp Young Living NingXia Red

*1/2 tsp PROTECT Soil Based Probiotics

1 tsp raw green tripe juice (I get mine from Texas Tripe but these are good too)

1 tsp Mushrooms for immunity if you are making the weaning blend (Immunity Blend)

Put in blender. Once smooth, let bubbles subside. Pour into ice cube trays and put into Foodsaver containers. Mark container with name and date made. Should be good for about six months.

At feeding, take enough cubes to feed and put into baggie. Float in warm water. Feed at about 95-96*.

Has about 13-15 calories per cc and will put weight on puppies. Should also not cause diarrhea or constipation. This worked great with our babies and will always have this on hand.

When you are ready to go to weaning blend, you can update this recipe by following these videos:

How to make emulsified meat for your weaning blend.

How to make Immunity Blend.