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Homeopathic Lyssin for Detoxing
Homeopathic Lyssin for Detoxing

Lyssin 200C

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Homeopathic Lyssin
Potency: 200C 
Type: Pills as small granules
Approximately 30+ doses per bottle 

Lyssinum is a rabies nosode. Lyssinum can be included as an important part of your pets health program and rabies concerns. Lyssinum may also be spelled Lyssin.

Each vial contains approximately 30 doses.

Typical dosage instructions: Give 1 dose only and repeat in 2 weeks.  This should be enough to see some changes if this remedy is the correct one.  Many health professionals suggest not repeating the remedy if changes are not seen.

One dose = a single layer of tiny granules covering the very bottom of the vial lid. Remedy is given orally, and will dissolve on the mucous membranes.   It does not need to be swallowed.

No food or water 30 minutes before or after whenever possible. Store away from electrical devices.

Please note: this product does not replace a veterinary examination and assessment, we recommend that you contact your veterinary practitioner prior to starting any treatment. For severe or life threatening reactions, contact your veterinarian immediately.  This product does not contain biologically active rabies.  In homeopathic practice,

  • Lyssin nosode is the homeopathic form of Rabies energy.
  • For all species and ages.
  • Homeoprophylaxis - a homeopathic rabies nosode detox.
  • Homeopathic Prophylactic for all.

  • Please Note: Any information given in this website is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Anyone with an animal with a medical condition requiring veterinary attention should consult a qualified DVM practitioner or veterinary emergency care clinic.  

    Packaging may look slightly different from that shown in photograph.  This remedy is not returnable for refund.
    Homeopathic remedies are very dilute, and while the homeopathic remedy may be beneficial, the raw product may be harmful.

    Disclaimer:  The Dog Breeder Store does not diagnose or treat illnesses or injury in pets and accepts no liability for results that are less than optimal, injury or death relative to use of this product or instructions. Consult a licensed veterinarian if you suspect that your pet is experiencing pain or infection.

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