Mastitis Support

I have had the privilege of working with a young boxer mom who has several critical issues that need support. I will share what worked beautifully for this sweet girl.   We also had three puppies in ICU in my home, who were in a homemade ICU with Thieves EO diffusing intermittently for 10 minutes at a time, 3 times daily.

The mom had very little milk and one breast very swollen with mastitis and expressing toxic milk (thick, yellow, gluey, bloody). We have since used this support successfully on many with mastitis to relieve swelling, establish milk flow, and reduce the need for antibiotics that can also compromise the mom and her babies’ microbiomes.


Supplies needed

Head of organic cabbage

Young Living items:


Oregano Essential Oil



V-6 Carrier Oil

Hot water with washcloths to make warm compresses

-Hammer a few leaves of the cabbage with a meat mallet to release the juices. 

-Bring a few leaves into the whelping box.  Put the rest in the refrigerator for later use.


-Mix up in palm of hand

1 drop Young Living Oregano

3 drops Young Living Melrose

3 drops Young Living Copaiba

Squirt of V-6 carrier oil


-Apply topically to affected area to support normal milk flow.

-Layer with organic cabbage leaves soaked in warm clean water, hammered with a meat mallet to release juices, and laid up against breast tissue.

-Cover with warm, wet washcloth.

-Throughout the day, massage the breast through the layers to strip out bad milk and relieve pressure. If it gets too warm, spray with Young Living Lavaderm to cool down skin and provide additional support to help her heal this without synthetic antibiotics (which we all know kill off beneficial gut bacteria and compromise the immune system). 

- If bitch has been given antibiotics, feed green tripe, soil based organisms (Pet Flora), Life 9 by Young Living, Love Bugs, or Fido’s Flora in rotation to restore gut microbiome.  For neonates, you can add strained green tripe juice or any of the canine compatible probiotics above to their bottles to provide extra beneficial gut bacteria since they aren’t getting from mom at this point.  Also consider doing a microbiome transfer from mom to puppies as soon as possible if born via C-Section or if mom’s microbiome is compromised. 

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