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Kit includes tube, oral syringe and instructions
Kit includes tube, oral syringe and instructions

Puppy Tube Feeding Kit

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Tube feeding oral syringe and french feeding tube with instructions
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Puppy Tube Feeding Kit

Includes 1 20 ml syringe and 1 size 8 clear feeding tube, suitable for most puppies

Instructions for proper use (We have not found another tube feeding kit on the market that contains instructions for use.)

All kit components are sterile

Feeding tube is 15 inches long and approximately 3/32 inches (2.7mm) outside diameter.  Good for most breeds.

Feeding tube has a closed rounded tip with 2 side ports to dispense liquid into stomach.  Made of thermosenstive material, the exclusive Slide-Tex finish makes insertion easy.

Recommended by Myra Savant-Harris, author Puppy Intensive Care, Canine Reproduction and Whelping, and Advanced Canine Repro and Puppy Care. These are the tube feeding kits that no breeder should be without and they have become invaluable in my own nursery at Gentry Boxers.  I would not raise a litter without this Kit on hand.

Instructions for use and supporting video help the novice or experienced breeder learn to tube feed puppies who may need a bit of extra help gaining weight.  Use prepared puppy formula or make your own using Myra's recipe (found on page 69 of Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care and page 47 of Puppy Intensive Care.).  (Made with liver water, evaporated goat milk, yogurt, raw egg yolks, mayo or canola oil, Karo syrup and baby vitamins).

Both the feeding tube and syringe are individually packed in sterile packing.  If you are hand raising puppies and they develop medical problems, you will need to contact a licensed veterinarian.  I recommend that your purchase Myra Savant-Harris's awesome books to help with critical care and whelping issues for your library before whelping your litter.  Read them and be prepared for anything, including orphans or puppies who need extra support.

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