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The Best Book On Raw Feeding EVER!
The Best Book On Raw Feeding EVER!

Raw and Thriving

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Behind the shiny labels boasting of healthy meals for your beloved pet lurks a sinister reality: toxic and inappropriate ingredients that have long-term health effects on your faithful companion. It has been proved that certain ingredients found in conventional pet food contribute to conditions that can lead to chronic disease and even death. But thankfully, safer alternatives exist.

Throughout her book, Raw and Thriving: The Ultimate Guide to Getting (and Keeping!) Your Dog Healthy, Kristin Clark shares with you how to keep your fur babies healthy and thriving by feeding them food that’s healthier and more nutritious than a conventional diet. Raw and Thriving discusses different raw diets, how to easily transition your dog to a healthier lifestyle, common fears about raw diets and how to overcome your concerns, and more. By adopting a raw diet for your pets, you will give them the strongest foundation possible for their overall health. Dogs placed on a raw diet have seen an increase in energy and stamina—as well as an increase in living a longer, happier, more thriving life.

But it doesn’t end there: far from just being a book about feeding your dog a raw diet, Raw and Thriving also discusses many of the diseases our pets suffer from (which often leave us worried and confused when sifting through all the conflicting information available) and shows us how to address them using an all-natural, effective approach.

Kristin Clark is a Certified Small Animal Naturopath and Carnivore Nutrition Consultant with years of experience helping people get and keep their dogs healthy. With her passion and commitment for animal care and health, knowledge and experience, coupled with an engaging style, she brings you everything you need to know about keeping your dog healthy and thriving. The information in this book ensures you get the best advice about how to help your dogs live their best life.

Praise for Raw and Thriving

Kristin Clark’s passion for keeping dogs healthy and happy through a raw food diet and holistic, naturopathic approach shines through every page of her new book. She delivers complex nutrition and health information in a comprehensive guide that is informative, insightful, and user-friendly! As an animal lover, professional trainer, and writer, I know I will continue to turn to this important resource for the benefit of my own pets, and I’ll be passing it on to my clients. -Kait Leonard, Pet Parent, Professional Homeopath, and founder of BoomBoomNow.com

Kristin Clark has done a magnificent job in writing Raw and Thriving. This book has the potential to help improve the lives of pets worldwide. To say that it made a positive impression on this reader is an understatement. Once I started reading Raw and Thriving, I couldn’t put it down. The knowledge in this book was shocking; I was able to find comfort in knowing that she offers a solution to a life-threatening problem. I highly recommend that every pet owner purchase and read Raw and Thriving, for the information throughout these pages will help your pet immensely. -Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Reviewer

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