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Saline in syringe (choose with or without needle)

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Saline in syringe without needle
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Prefilled saline luer lock syringes (without needle) containing 0.9% sodium chloride sterile.

Great for enemas, sub-cutaneous hydration

Prefilled syringes are designed to provide convenient, reliable, cost-effective alternatives to vial-based systems. All BD PosiFlush Saline and heparin lock flush syringes are latex- and preservative-free.

BD PosiFlush™ IV Flush Solution Sodium Chloride, Preservative Free 0.9% Intravenous Injection Prefilled Syringe 10 mL
SALINE, SYR 0.9% 10ML 

Fits these luer lock needles for hydration. 

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