Should we use intuition or science to make decisions?

I’m writing this because we are dealing with some health issues with our senior dog that have been challenging to sort out. She has multiple symptoms and my science brain side of me keeps jumping to conclusions about what is causing it. Or I go off into rabbit holes researching everything.

We are also discussing some challenging situations in our Gentry Boxers Natural Rearing Group. Things that are really hard to sort through in the world of science. People want answers but can’t find them using traditional research. This is when I like to remind myself and others that we have another, extremely powerful resource to draw upon. As an animal communicator, I can tell you for a fact that there is a constant flow of information put out by animals on an energetic level that is very subtle. It contains health information, emotional states, past history, and you can even have a dialogue with it and get answers to pressing questions. Call me crazy if you want but it’s true and I will go to my grave knowing this.

One of my holistic doctors is over 80 years old and has many diplomas from the science world on his walls. Yet his primary method of choosing supports and treatments for his patients is with muscle testing (also called applied kinesiology). He is a prayerful man too, so his faith in the process is rooted in his faith in God. So is mine.

There were two doctors in my first muscle testing class - one a dad nearing retirement and one his newly graduated MD daughter. The dad was making sure that his daughter knew how important it is to bring intuition into the science of her choices for her patients. He said that sometimes he has difficult and challenging medical situations with patients that he cannot find treatments for in his medical training.In those situations, he goes into another room (where his patients think he’s researching his library for answers) - but he’s actually using dowsing or muscle testing to add validation to his choices for his patient. These are sometimes life and death situations. This man reminded me of Marcus Welby. Not a kook by any means, but a caring, loving, competent medical doctor trusting that intuition would fill in the gaps that his brain could not do on its own.Blew me away to know that there are doctors out there who tap into spiritual wisdom as well as medical training.

If you have a challenging health situation for yourself or your animals, or even if you are just trying to figure out which supplements are best to buy on a limited budget, learn to use and trust an intuitive skill. Trust me, it will be your best friend after a while. If you are spiritual, use meditation or prayer. If you are more science oriented, use muscle testing or dowsing. But tap into that intuition that is always out there feeding us the right answers.

Some tips I will share from over the years that will help you to discern intuition from that pesky monkey chatter that we all know so well in our brains:

1.Intuition is fast. It comes at very high speeds. If it’s slow and ruminative in nature, that's monkey mind chatter.

2.Intuition is loving. If it is judgmental information, that’s coming from your own brain.

3.Intuition generates clarity. If it generates doubt, ignore it.

4.Intuition comes from heart-based prayer or intuitive practice. Mind chatter comes from worry or doubt

5.Intuition feels strong, powerful and is difficult to ignore. Yet it can feel subtle at the same time unless you are in a meditative state already. Mind chatter feels insidious and fearful. (“What if I do this? What bad thing will happen?”)

6.Intuition feels heart based and joyful, even if the information is troubling to the mind.Monkey chatter is train of thought that seems to reinforce doubts and fears.

7.Intuitive information is consistent.Constant switching of topics is mind chatter.

One or two more tips to wrap this question up.If you choose to learn this skill, learn it and practice it often.It’s just like any other skill in life.The more you practice, the better you get.I did not become a competent animal communicator overnight.I practiced for years on friends animals, wild animals, and my own. If you find that your mind quiets when you are listening to music, driving, taking a bath or cleaning house, that's fine. Use those moments to ask for guidance. Don’t use it to get answers to emotionally charged or life threatening situations at first.Pick casual things, like “which coat should I wear today?”The answer you get may be revealed to you later in the day as an unexpected cold front moves in and you are wearing that heavy coat that didn’t make sense when you first asked.Practice it until you trust it. Then you can tackle the really tough questions.

My aura egg photographed with Kirilian camera
while communicating with my boxer Dash.
Purples and pinks are high frequency, best for intuitive work

As you gather more trust in the answers, be sure to ground and protect yourself when you are working with others. I need to know that the information I am giving is excellent, so I am always grounded, protected, hydrated and feeling good when I do this important work. Grounding can be accomplished by imagining that you are a huge old oak tree hundreds of years old. Imagine growing your roots down into the core of the earth until you feel really secure. Protection can be done by imagining an egg around you filled with beautiful white light. Check it and be sure there are no holes in your egg. Imagination is a very powerful skill and it moves energy, so don't discount it as trivial. Most of my work is based in 100% trust that my imagination allows information to flow without my brain interfering.

Tune in to our learning channel to learn how we do muscle testing to choose supplements for our dogs:

An excellent book is Your Body Doesn't Lie by Dr. John Diamond. Online courses in dowsing are available from The British College of Dowsing.

Gratitude to AngelWays for teaching these tips to me.They work and they work well.