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What is a Surgery Go-Bag?

Have this on hand before any surgical procedure.  Use before and after to improve anesthesia recovery and wound healing. Use safely when dogs are fragile, have multiple co-morbid health issues, adverse reactions to prescription medications, or are pregnant or nursing.

Use as a first aid kit when trauma strikes.

As a dog breeder captivated by the world of natural rearing, I’ve seen many dogs who find processing anesthesia difficult. Many experience negative side effects from prescription drugs for pain and inflammation after surgeries or wound treatment. My dogs were particularly sensitive to recovery from anesthesia, so I developed a Surgery Go-Bag containing items that I now use any time we have surgeries to prepare for or wounds to support.

This was my Surgery Go-Bag for the surgical artificial insemination performed on my boxer Spice. When I was sitting on the floor reviving my dog, my vet was super-impressed with her resilience, let alone recovery, compared to the previous year, when she had performed another surgery. Then, it took Spice two days to fully come out of the anesthesia. Four of us had to carry her to my car hours after the surgery. Once home, she was crying, howling, disoriented, and running into walls. This time, she woke up with her "smelling salts"—RC and Peppermint waved gently by her nose. I used Clarity on her brain stem, StressAway on her spine, Joy on her heart, and a variety of things to help with discomfort that I didn't want her to experience upon waking. I packed a rollerball with all the Raindrop oils in it except Peppermint. I applied it down her spine before she went in and after she came out. I had packets of NingXia Red at the ready once she was able to swallow.

I took two arctic coats with me; one ligher and one that covered her head so she would stay warm. I’m glad I did, because the big surgical cage she was in was not heated. I had two coats with me and used them both. This is the coat I use that covers their heads.


After using the anesthesia reversal, she got up in one movement, walked calmly to the car and literally hopped in. Never a peep. Came home and ate like a horse! This was a surgical artificial insemination, so I needed to be sure that everything I used was safe for the babies we were making. I've been doing incision aftercare with these on a pad to wipe down gently with YL PuriClean, followed by YL InfectAway and Mendwell.

I have been putting some tiny drops of T-Away on her belly and ears to help with the trauma, so she doesn't carry it in her cells and pass it on to the babies. I love that Young Living, homeopathy and flower essences had exactly what we needed!

I have since used this Go-Bag several times for major surgery, including a C-Section on Spice. I have loaned it to friends and used it myself as I recovered from a procedure involving anesthesia and surgery.

It was truly wonderful.

What’s in the Surgery Go-Bag?

Young Living Products

Valor essential oil blend, to assist with feelings of courage

R. C. essential oil blend, to assist with waking up.

Peppermint single oil, to help with discomfort and waking up. Also drives other oils when layered over them.

To assist with anesthesia reversal

Clarity essential oil blend: Put on brain stem and rub down gently

StressAway essential oil blend: Put on spine and rub down gently

Joy essential oil blend: Put on chest over heart and rub down gently

Raindrop oils: If you know how to do a proper Raindrop on an animal, do that. If you need to apply them quickly, they can be combined in a rollerball or (preferably) layered one at a time down the spine in this order:

1.      Valor essential oil blend

2.      Oregano single oil

3.      Thyme single oil

4.      Basil single oil

5.      Cypress single oil

6.      Marjoram single oil

7.      Wintergreen single oil

8.      Aroma Siez essential oil blend

9.      Peppermint single oil

This is a video I made of how to give what I call an “Express Raindrop” to a dog. It is a fast version. Dogs often will not sit still for a full 30 to 45-minute Raindrop as a person will. I have found that this version works well, and most dogs will tolerate the time it takes.

NingXia Red superfood juice: Give small amounts by oral syringe after awake and able to swallow. Use your judgement about how much to give. A 60-pound (27 kg) healthy dog usually gets around ½-ounce daily in diet, but more when unwell or recovering. A dog recovering from anesthesia requires monitoring with liquids. It is best to dribble a little into the side of the mouth after the dog can safely swallow. This provides an excellent source of antioxidants, energy recovery, and micronutrients.


Ledum: 200 C or 30 C – prevents swelling

Hypericum: 200C or 30 C – helps with sharp, deep pain that often accompanies surgery

Staphisagria 30 C – helps with post-surgical pain

Arnica: 200 C or 30 C – prevents bruising and edema around wounds and surgical sites

Sprinkle a few pellets of each homeopathic into mouth. Better yet, these can be combined into a single squirt bottle with distilled water and glycerin as a preservative. Give before surgery and every 1–2 hours after for pain and swelling.

NOTE:  If possible, separate homeopathic applications from essential oils by an hour or two.

Flower Essences

Magenta Self Healer

Helios SOeSsence Flower Formula for Pets (you can use it if you feel you need it yourself)


Liver Tonic: Use as directed after fully awake and eating to detox secreting organs. I use this for at least one month.

Wound Aftercare

Young Living Essential Oils


Dilute any undiluted oils as needed for the species. If you are not certain how much to dilute, dilute with a quality carrier oil such as organic olive oil. About 4-parts carrier oil to 1-part essential oil. You can also watch my short video workshop on how to dose essential oils properly with dogs.

Mendwell: This blend is pre-diluted for use with animals.

T-Away: This blend is pre-diluted for use with animals.

Infect-Away: This blend is pre-diluted for use with animals.

PuriClean: This blend is pre-diluted for use with animals.

Frankincense, Copaiba, and Idaho Balsam Fir. Mix equal parts in a rollerball or spray bottle. Apply directly on or next to wound and allow to soak in. Dilute properly for use with animal, around 4 parts carrier oil to 1-part Essential Oil for a medium-sized dog. Essential oil enthusiasts often call this the “M-Bomb”! I have used it myself for years to help with the discomfort of a long-term back injury caused by a head-on auto collision. It is wonderful for all kinds of discomfort! These 3 oils can also be obtained in packaging designed for oral use and combined into an empty gel capsule for oral administration. Use about 2 drops of each, then fill the capsule with a quality carrier oil such as V-6 from Young Living or olive oil. Look for the Vitality label from Young Living for essential oils meant for consumption.

Animal Scents Ointment: Gently cover wound and oils with this ointment. It will keep moisture in, help the oils to do their work, and assist in healing.

For any of the oils that don’t have hot links, please go to this link to order under my sponsorship. We will welcome you into our exclusive Kindred Oilers team and provide you with extensive education to help you learn to use all Young Living products safely and effectively.

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