1. Tail Docking Bands
Package of 100 neon colored bands for tail docking
Package of 100 neon colored bands for tail docking

Tail Docking Bands

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1/8 or 3/16" Medium Weight (4.5 oz) Bands for low trauma tail docking
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100 count Orthodontic Bands for low trauma Tail Docking. Assorted colors allow you to see the bands as you work with them. 

1/8"  works for most medium to large breed tails.
3/16" works for most tiny to smaller breed tails.  Those bands are doubled over on the elastrator prongs so that they fit tighter over the tiny tails.

Medium Weight (4.5 oz). 100 per sealed bag. These are the smallest bands available on the market.  Very stretchy yet strong.  Works with all breeds.  

To use these bands, you need proper equipment to apply them. Order the Tail Docking Kit that includes instructions for use, or order the Elastrator if you already know how to band. These bands cannot be applied by hand.

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