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Tail Docking/Dewclaw Removal Kit
Tail Docking/Dewclaw Removal Kit

Tail Docking & Dewclaw Removal Kit

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Forceps,Elastrator,Bands,Scissors, Full Color Instructions
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Using professional equipment, detailed instructions, and links to instructional videos, you will use our elastrator and bands to painlessly dock tails and remove dewclaws with minimal pain.  Kit includes professional medical equipment and instructions needed to dock tails and remove dewclaws on puppies or other infant animals from birth to five day of age with the least amount of pain or trauma.  No experience necessary, but a helper is recommended to hold squirming babies.  Instructions included for use on puppies.

Suitable for all breeds.  This kit has been used by thousands of breeders of very large breeds as well as small breeds with birth weights 4oz and even below.  The bands that come with the kit are 1/8” diameter and have been used successfully on small to medium tails as well as on large breed tails.  Bands are typically doubled over the elastrator prongs for very tiny puppies.  Please order a set of 3/16" bands if you have a very tiny breed to make it easier to double the bands over the prongs.  Detailed instructions are included for all size puppies.

We use all of this equipment in our own puppy nursery and love the quality.  There are lesser quality elastrators on the market that are flimsy and not recommended for this delicate work.  Be cautious as there are also copycat docking kits that have shown up all over the Internet that use bands that aren't suitable for puppies and can cause irreparable damage and even death.  Please purchase your kit here where you can be assured of the quality, experience and excellent instructions provided by over four decades of experience. 


Disclaimer:  The Dog Breeder Store does not diagnose or treat illnesses or injury in pets and accepts no liability for misuse of equipment or results that are less than optimal, injury or death relative to use of this equipment or instructions. Consult a licensed veterinarian if you suspect that your pet is experiencing pain or infection.

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