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Telepathy Blend for Animal Communication Support
Telepathy Blend for Animal Communication Support

Telepathy Blend for Animal Communication

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A custom blend of flower essences to support connection with higher realms and telepathy
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Flower essences have been used since the 1920’s, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in his work to find ways to heal emotional balances found in those considered to be mentally ill.  Flower essences are made from flowers, but do not contain the actual physical flower materials, but rather the “energy signature” or frequency of that flower.  Flower essences have been found to emit specific frequencies that are absorbed by one’s energy and emotional bodies, bringing the patient more into balance with that frequency.

Flower essences are primarily used for emotional balancing, but are also sometimes used to assist with physical issues.

This blend is specifically made to assist those who are learning to meditate, develop telepathic skills, and communicate with animals and other beings of light.


Aspen – Balances hovering anxiety, undercurrent of panic without knowing the root of the fear, fear of death, the future, and the unknown

Beech – Opens one up to tolerance and compassion; brings down the self-defensive “armouring” that shields a person from others

Larch – Brings one with low self-confidence to a state of emotional security and self-assurance

Pine – Focusing on self-blame and regret, this essence moves once out of guilt and towards inner peace

Star of Bethlehem – Helps one to overcome past hurts and move on, releasing previous traumas that block forgiveness

Wild Oat – For those who sometimes lack motivation and incentive, this essence helps to catalyse, energise and move one towards their true calling

Cosmos –Very powerful essence to open telepathic abilities, encouraging authenticity and alignment with our heart and throat chakras.

Queen Anne’s Lace – This grounding essence improves psychic vision and helps to remove boundaries.  Helps us to read others while staying grounded.


4 drops or 2 sprays on tongue 4-6 times per day while training in telepathic skills.  Thereafter, dose prior to connection with the higher realms or with an animal.

Bottle typically lasts about 4-8 weeks

Disclaimer:  Gentry Boxers/Kindred Animal Spirits does not diagnose or treat illnesses or injury in people and pets and accepts no liability for results that are less than optimal, injury or death relative to use of this formula or instructions.  Consult a doctor for symptoms of mental imbalance.

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