We ship by United States Postal Service (USPS) only.  We do not use other shippers.  We can usually ship same day if the order is received before 10am central time on normal business days (weekends and holidays excluded).  This gives us time to package, create labels and get everything out for pickup before USPS arrives.

If you are overcharged for shipping, or place more than one order, we will do our best to combine shipping and refund any overages you may have paid for shipping.  Occasionally, the store platform overcharges, especially for Priority Express, so go ahead and check out. We will refund down to our normal Express charge.  

We cannot guarantee that USPS will get your shipment to you at the time it states on your tracking number. We do send you the tracking number as soon as we print the shipping label. Once it leaves our facility, we cannot take responsibility for your order. It is in the hands of the shipper at that point.

DELIVERY TRACKING:  Most shipments have tracking unless they are low weight First Class.  There is no insurance on those either. If you make a high value order, or Express order, or if your shipping and billing addresses do not match, we will require a signature at delivery.  Orders with non-matching shipping and billing addresses must be paid through a method that does not allow chargebacks such as zelle.  This is to protect our small business from fraudulent chargebacks.

URGENT SITUATIONS: If you are in urgent situation, we may be able to hop in the car and run your supplies to FedEx or UPS for you.  They are more reliable at meeting delivery commitments than USPS is.  But they do not pick up at our location, unfortunately.  Please send a note or call if you need us to do this.  There will be a $10 charge to make the run for you, but it may be well worth it if your puppies are in trouble and you need supplies the next morning.  You will also have to pay whatever their overnight delivery fee is to your address.  But call us early so we have time to try to make this happen for you before they pick up at the Annex in the afternoon.  We aren't open on weekends, but if you call, we may be able to help nonetheless.  We are breeders also and know how these things play out.  You can't always plan for urgent situations.  

But the best advice we can give you is to plan ahead for the worst.  Order our Tail Docking/Dewclaw Removal Kit, Newborn Puppy Rescue Kit and other supplies for crisis management ahead of time and have them in your nursery should you need them.  

Weekend shipping - we are a small, family owned business and are not usually open for business on the weekends.  However, if we see an order come in with annotations of urgency or by Express shipping, we will do everything in our power to get that out to you asap. You can contact us through the CONTACT US form with questions or through our business land line.  We do not accept texts to our personal cell phones, as the volume has simply become too great for us to handle and have a life.

URGENT SHIPPING:  Please get urgent orders into the store before 10 am central time to give us time to package and get out before USPS does their pickup. We cannot guarantee same day shipping, but will do our best to get shipments out same day if possible. Priority Express is not always one day guaranteed. To some addresses, it is 2 business days. Please plan ahead for things that are time critical such as intensive care supplies and tail docking equipment. Get those orders in early! 

CHOOSING SHIPPING METHODS:  First Class shipping does not usually allow Delivery Confirmation, nor for us to package well enough to prevent breakage under their weight limit for First Class. Do not use First Class for time sensitive or fragile items, as we cannot take responsibility for when they arrive nor in what condition. We do our best to package well within their low weight limit. 

Please choose Priority or Express if you want your shipment tracked. Priority Mail includes $50 of insurance for content loss during transit or damage and is 2-3 business day delivery, but is not guaranteed. Priority Express now includes $100 of insurance for content loss during transit or damage, and is 1-2 business day delivery, and is guaranteed.  If USPS does not meet their time guarantee, a claim must be filed with them for refund of postage.  If you have purchased our insurance for a small fee, we will file the claim for you.  We will then refund your shipping fee after they approve the claim and pay our account. It is usually less credit card fees. We cannot take responsibility for uninsured shipments that are lost, but we can file a claim for you after 30 days.  Unfortunately, those are their rules, not ours. 

INSURANCE - Lost or damaged items are covered to the limit of $50 for Priority and $100 for Priority Express. First Class Mail has no insurance. Beyond those limits, there is no insurance. If an order is delivered and then disappears, we cannot take responsibility, nor will the shippers cover those situations.

DAMAGE OR LOSS IN TRANSIT:  We package items to avoid damage. However, if you choose First Class Mail, and combine that with a fragile item, it may not arrive safely. We often cannot package the way we want and still stay under the very small weight limit for First Class. So if your item is fragile (homeopathics or remedies in glass), please do not use First Class Mail. If you do not insure your item, it is unfortunately your responsibility.  So let's keep those items safe and choose the correct shipping method. Priority Mail has $50 of insurance for contents loss or damage. Priority Express Mail has $100 of insurance for loss or damage. If your item is lost or damaged, please send us several photos of the damage.  We will file a claim for you if you have paid the small fee for our insurance. We do not refund for lost items until the carrier approves the claim and pays us.  We will then refund your shipping charge and any insured amount for the product to you. If you want it replaced urgently, please place another order so we can get it to you quickly.

RETURNS and CANCELLED ORDERS: Products may be returned in unopened, resalable condition within 30 days of purchase. There is a 15% restocking fee on returns and cancelled orders for any reason to cover credit card fees and supplies. Shipping fees are non refundable unless product is defective. Orders cancelled by The Dog Breeder Store LLC due to fraud risk will be refunded less credit card or payment gateway fees assessed.

PRODUCT IMAGES: Some products may not match photos but are substantially the same as shown in description.

FRAUD ALERTS - Occasionally, orders are put into review status due to fraud alerts issued by our risk assessment rules.  Customers will be offered an optional payment method if the order is valid.  If customer declines to pay via a non-reversible payment method, The Dog Breeder Store LLC reserves the right to cancel the order and withhold fees assessed by credit card processors.  Watch for an email or phone call to discuss options.  Otherwise a time deadline will be given by which the order must be paid for using another acceptable method.