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Kit contains remedies most commonly prescribed for snake/insect venom recovery
Kit contains remedies most commonly prescribed for snake/insect venom recovery

Venomous Snake/Insect Bite Recovery Kit

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A kit of homeopathic remedies to relieve the symptoms of venomous snake and insect bites
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Homeopathic Venomous Snake/Insect Bite Kit

Born of experience with two boxers who were bitten by venomous snakes in October 2014, this kit contains the remedies that have potential to turn a crisis into recovery in a very short time.  

Seven year old boxer Ginger was apparently bitten on her front right lower leg by baby copperheads or rattlesnakes based on the symptoms and fang mark distance.  Ginger was rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital and gurneyed inside unconscious. Her situation was triaged and the veterinarian provided pain medications, steroids and anti-inflammatories.  She was later sent home with her prognosis uncertain for survival.  We were told to seek anti-venom treatment as soon as possible and expect that if she lived, she might lose a large amount of flesh around the fang incisions.

Five year old Dash was apparently bitten by a larger venomous snake in the side of the face, as evidenced by a very large fang hole in his left cheek that resulted in severe pain and swelling about the head and neck.  He was also prescribed the same treatment but we did not accept the steroids and antibiotics because he was not as critical and we do not typically use these as natural rearing breeders.  He received homeopathics for pain support and swelling instead.

We located a source for traditional antivenom. However, we were told that administration could potentially do more harm than good, and also might result in death.  Administration of anti-venom was quoted at $4,000 for both dogs for the initial treatment and potentially more. Money was not the object at that point, but the potential to worsen the situation was what held us back to continue researching. 

While we searched for alternatives throughout the night, we provided as much support as possible using compresses of Bentonite Clay soaked in Mendwell over the incisions, homeopathic Hypericum for deep pain relief, homeopathic Arnica to reduce swelling and provide some pain relief at the incision site, homeopathic Ledum to reduce swelling, and homeopathic Echinacea to prevent infection.

Dash's swelling receded after administration of Ledum and it was evident that pain relief was working, yet Ginger drifted in and out of consciousness and showed no other visible signs of improvement.  She was nearly comatose, although she did vomit profusely before collapsing.  

Research finally revealed that I actually had one potential remedy on hand in my Top 100 Homeopathics Kit.  My 3 choices for homeopathic anti-venom were Lachesis, Crotalus, and Cedron.  I learned that I could dose one of the homeopathic choices, wait 15 minutes for improvement, then try the next choice if I saw no changes.  Fortunately, my first choice of Lachesis caused Ginger to sit up within 15 minutes.  A second dose resulted in her getting up and walking around.  A third dose resulted in tail wagging and wanting petting.  A fourth and final dose resulted in Ginger eating a hearty breakfast and running outside to play as if nothing had happened.

I am not a licensed veterinarian nor a professional homeopathic practitioner.  However, I have studied homeopathics and seen miracles occur when using my little Kit.  I consider it the most important single investment I’ve made in healing animals and people, and even carry it with me when I travel.  I was hoping for another miracle and I got it with my Kit.  After pondering the success of this protocol and consulting my own veterinarians, I was convinced that I should offer a Venomous Snake Bite Kit that people could have on hand in the event of a venomous bite from snakes or insects.  This is a Kit I personally would use on myself if I were bitten rather than go to the ER.  

I’m not recommending that you avoid competent professional medical intervention, but my own experience tells me that I would try this now first before trying to drive to the ER or loading my pet up for the long and expensive trip that may or may not be successful.  Time is of the essence in these situations, and trying the Kit first at home may just be the difference between quick recovery and potential catastrophe to both the victim and your wallet.  Even using the remedy while enroute to the ER may provide the opportunity to turn back home before arriving.

We also recommend that you have Bach Rescue Remedy on hand for fast relief from the emotions of stress/trauma/shock.


Disclaimer:  Any information given in this website is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice . The Dog Breeder Store does not diagnose or treat illnesses or injury in pets and accepts no liability for results that are less than optimal, injury or death relative to use of this product or instructions. Consult a licensed veterinarian if you suspect that your pet is experiencing pain or infection. 

Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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