We have discovered the most amazing potty area for our nursery!


Hope you're doing well! Just wanted to drop a quick note about something that could make your life as a breeder or dog parent a whole lot easier: BrilliantPad

My squeamish husband, Jeff, has to hold his breath when he helps me clean whelping pen potty areas. While holding his breath for 30 minutes at a time has given him astonishing lung capacity, he has, nonetheless, for years, tried to figure out how to make a "flush toilet" for whelping pens. 

Alas, to no avail, or we'd be stinkin' rich! And the potty area would just be less stinkin'.

Full disclosure: We have one for evaluation as we write this article. In the next few weeks we will have our Boston Terrier singleton try it, and will raise a litter of boxers on it in a couple of months. Based on what we have seen with other breeders, we expect this to be the best potty solution. Ever. Next, we will be interviewing the inventor, Alan Cook, to get all the scoop on the science behind it, to post on The Dog Breeder Channel.


This is an exceptional price for an exceptional product. We thought we should pass it along to you. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee, so try it risk-free for 90 days, and see if you like it. (And Jeff sez, if it works at ALL, it beats holding my breath for 30 minutes.) Please let us know your reaction at Contact Us!

With that as background...

As owner of The Dog Breeder Store and a 50-year veteran breeder, I am approached to evaluate many products for pet parents and breeders. I just found one that has simply--




I worked last year to come up with a potty solution that would prevent all the mess every morning as puppies are weaning. I thought I had a good solution, but when we priced it out, it was over $500. And it certainly didn’t clean itself up. It just reduced the mess. So we went back to the drawing board. 

Then, this happened. Turns out "flush toilet" was the right idea, but the wrong paradigm. Here's the right paradigm.

Imagine, if you will, a world where cleaning poop from your whelping pen is a breeze. 

A dimension not of sight and smell, but of mind. 

That would be a dream, wouldn't it. 

There's the signpost up ahead. Your next stop: The BrilliantPad Zone.

It locks away odors too, so that horrible smell is no longer.

They now have a bundle that is strictly for breeders. It has a cover that encloses edges of the pad roll. This prevents rambunctious puppies from pulling the paper off. 

That was my biggest concern--and it WORKS!

BrilliantPad's smart, self-cleaning dog potty system ensures your puppies have a clean space without needing to clean it yourself!

You can suggest that your clients purchase it to continue housebreaking you've started. And BrilliantPad will pay you when they do.

I had a self-cleaning litter box years ago called ScoopFree for our kitty. I recently learned that the Doctor of Poopology who invented it has now invented an ingenious product for dog breeders to address poopage in our nurseries.

Beyond merely convenient, it's smartphone-controllable, includes a camera, and lets you see if a puppy has diarrhea or seems dehydrated. And which specific puppy that is. You can clean your potty area anytime with the touch of a (poopless!) button. Who knew poop was so high-tech?!

Your pups always have a clean spot to go, and you never have to touch those soiled pads again. BrilliantPad wraps everything up neatly and seals away the waste, so no more icky cleanups. (Jeff sez, "Or holding your breath.")  

Or waking up to Poopalooza every morning! (Jeff sez, "Or holding your breath.")

Or rushing to clean up before puppy buyers arrive! (Jeff sez, "Or holding your breath.")

Here's why you'll love it:

Save your precious time

Say goodbye to endless cleaning! With BrilliantPad, you can save over 10 hours a week on cleanup, giving you more quality time with those adorable pups.

Happier, healthier pups

A clean environment means healthier puppies. BrilliantPad's self-cleaning system maintains a pristine whelping area, reducing odors and potential health risks. (Jeff sez, "Just like flush toilets.")

Hygiene made simple

Imagine a spotless whelping pen at all times. BrilliantPad ensures a hygienic setting without the constant hassle of cleanup.

Smooth Transitions

Get your pups ready for their forever homes with pad training that's easy for new owners to continue.

Smartphone app

Peek at your puppies from anywhere with the included camera and clean up with the touch of a button.

Referral program

BrilliantPad pays you when your puppy buyers purchase one.

Breeder bundle

The Dog Breeder Store is offering a special BrilliantPad Pro especially designed for breedersthat prevents rambunctious puppies from shredding the proprietary pad.


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